At Paisano’s Pizzeria, we are Fresh Fanatics. We come in early to make our dough from scratch, grate our cheeses and hand slice our veggies every day.

As a young boy growing up in Long Island, New York, our founder would always look forward to the weekend family trips to the City. His first stop was to visit his uncle Tony’s Pizza Parlor in Manhattan. This is where his love for NY Style pizza began. He made his uncle Tony promise him that when he grew up he would share the family recipe with him. In 1982 Tony did and the Paisano's Pizzeria concept of giant pizza began.

Every Paisano's pizza is built to perfection with exactly what you want. You can select your favorite specialty pizza or you can create your own. Choose your type of crust and your favorite fresh ingredients. We make your pizza by hand in a matter of minutes. You can dine in or take it home to enjoy with family our as our name “Paisano’s” implies, friends.

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